I Want to Join Revolutionary Unity

Join us!

In order to become a member of RU you will need to be sponsored by a current member.  Don’t worry if you don’t know any current members,  just send us a request with a little about yourself and one will step forward on your behalf.

We are in the process of creating a great new organization that will be a place for revolutionaries both independent and affiliated with a Party to work toward a better society.  We are not here to convince you to join us and leave your current party but to join us and work within your Party toward our joint goal.

  1. Chris Booty says:

    Whoa… Does it have to be that complicated?

  2. revunity says:

    It’s really not as complicated as it looks. And it is considerably less complicated than you might find in a cadre organization. Basically, RU just wants to make sure that people joining RU are in agreement with RU, and that they’ve really thought about what being in a tendency is about.

  3. Nils Berg-Olsen says:

    Is the Revolutionary Unity group going to endorse Stewart Alexander’s candidacy?

    • revunity says:

      It is rather unlikely that the Revolutionary Unity Group will endorse Stewart Alexander. There are a number of reasons for this, but the most prominent is that a Rev Unity member, Jerry Levy, is also seeking the candidacy.

  4. ian hartman says:

    Why was my comment deleted?

  5. Rafael says:

    Very interested

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