Bradley Manning Supporters Say Exposing Criminals is not a Crime

A mass rally was held in Maryland’s Fort Meade military base on Saturday, 1 June, just days before the start of court martial proceedings against U.S. Army whistleblower Bradley Manning. Between 400 and 500 people marched, expressing solidarity and demanding justice for the incarcerated Manning, who is being court martialed in part over his decision to leak shocking footage of a deadly U.S. military air strike carried out against Iraqi civilians, including children and two Reuters cameramen.


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We’ve Moved!

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We’ve gotten our own domain name and moved to it. You can now find the Revolutionary Unity blog at

Revolutionary Unity New Mission Statement

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Things are moving at Revolutionary Unity. We have updated our mission statement and are working on our Points of Unity. We’ve got a new Facebook Group and will soon be on Google +. So please pardon us as we catch things up, and get them posted here. In the mean time:

The Revolutionary Unity Mission Statement (adopted 1 Feb 2012)

Revolutionary Unity calls upon our working and oppressed sisters and brothers to unite for a new chapter in the historic struggles for liberation from capitalism, patriarchy and bigotry. We are united in the belief that our future depends on the social ownership of the means of production under worker and community control. We envision communities characterized by equality, social empowerment, and the drive to satisfy all human needs in harmony with the earth. Such a fundamental transfer of power requires a revolutionary moment in which working and oppressed people take responsibility for constructing a new society independently of their former masters. We believe that reaching and passing through this historic period will require organizations and mass movements capable of coordinated action. We draw strength from our diversity and all revolutionary political traditions, but apply a critical eye to the past as we build our own future.

Join us! We have a world to win!

The Limitations of Activism or Don’t Just Do Something

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People are rising up across the world against the robbery and murder perpetrated on behalf of financial elites by governments under the euphemism austerity. While inspiring many new people to participatory democracy, these seemingly spontaneous uprisings are often anchored by rank-and-file labor and community groups that have been engaged in a long struggle for social and economic justice. Business labor and NGO groups that have long served the system are being pushed aside.

There is a tremendous amount of creativity and energy in these uprisings. They are wonderful expressions of changes that we desperately want and need in our world. They’ve brought people together in a way that has long been discouraged by the ruling class – the 1% – and their allies. So far most of them have resisted negotiating points, handles that could be manipulated by the system to bring the movement under control. There are attempts to placate, buy off, co-opt, and claim these movements by people who have long served the enemies of these movements. For the most part, the people aren’t buying. The one demand seems to be nothing less than: we want our world.

Those of us who care about changing the world need to be a part of this movement. These events are extraordinary and exciting. What they are not, altogether, is new. Popular uprisings have frightened governments and toppled rulers before; what they have yet to do is defeat the global system of capitalist powers who have ruled this world for centuries. This is the only thing that will bring enduring social, environmental, and economic justice to the world.

We need to be part of this battle, reminding people that nothing short of liberation will do. We need to remind them that to do this will take masses of people working together to overcome the entrenched powers. That it is neither accidental nor inevitable that some are rich while most of us, in one way or another, serve the rich. That there is a conscious effort on the part of those who have, to keep, and to have more. They do this through a system that requires them to reject any limit on exploitation of human labor and environmental resources. Never enough.

We need to convince people that we need a conscious effort of our own in order to wrest our world from the tiny minority who have convinced themselves for generations that they are entitled to own and to rule.

Rallies, demonstrations, creative expressions of outrage and discontent, are a welcome sign that people may be becoming ready to act in ways that will ultimately lead to the liberation of us all, but expressions are not enough. What is needed is nothing less than the willingness of masses of people to resist oppression and exploitation and take control of our own lives and our own world. We must plan together and act together to create a force powerful enough to overcome the forces of lies and wealth and arms. This is a great moment, but it’s what we do in this moment and the moments that follow that will decide.

Toward a Mass Party

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Part of the purpose of the Revolutionary Unity Group is to grapple with the problems of our movement. What is the situation in which revolutionaries find themselves today. How did we get here? How do we move forward? One of the leading revolutionary blogs, The Kasama Project, recently posted a piece, “Dead ends & road maps: Building a new socialist movement,” RU has been discussing internally. We post here two responses.

The responses are the opinions of the authors, and do not necessarily represent the views of other members of the RUG, nor should they necessarily be taken to represent the views of the RUG.

Peter Moody

While seriously critiquing existing organizational forms, the article didn’t dismiss them entirely, noting that organizations that do exist can produce some of the most aware and honest militants in various movements. I’ve been thinking, somewhat along the lines of what the CPGB advocates, that all the existing socialist organizations potentially have something to contribute; they all carry a piece of the truth, to perhaps put it another way. At the same time, simply lumping all the existing organizations together without any sort of meaningful commitment to a new organizational structure and pluralist politics within revolutionary socialism will simply produce a macro-sect rather than a micro-sect. Read the rest of this entry »

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Created by Jacob Anikulapo

The Revolutionary Unity Group attempted to purchase the following ad in “The Socialist.” The quote is from the SPUSA Statement of Principles. At first, “The Socialist” refused to run the ad, only weeks later agreeing to allow us to run it at 1/4 page, though it was designed as, and we had agreed to pay for, an half page. “The Socialist” has become so hostile to socialist politics now that even quoting the SPUSA’s Statement of Principles is not allowed.

The Ad “The Socialist” Didn’t Want You to See (pdf, 203K)